Jealousy and Women

I first encountered jealousy from another female when I was just barely two. I didn’t have words for it, but I was jealous of her. It ended up in a cat-fight: I had grabbed onto her face, and she on mine, and neither of us would let go. Instead we howled in pain and tears. Our parents separated us, made sure we didn’t have another playdate. I still have the scarring from where the little bitch dug her claws into my face.

I met her again after twenty years. We were visiting her family, and the Queen Bitch came in and didn’t say “hello”, only brushed off her precious coat ostentatiously, as if to say her stuff is better than mine and more pricey (they lived in a mansion by then). The feelings of jealousy stirred from the deepest part of me. Somehow, Time did not erase those deep, unresolved childhood feelings. And it seemed that though Time took us in different paths, it did not mature her either.

I always wondered why God didn’t take away jealousy in women once they converted. Instead, we’re guilted into believing it’s our fault for not following the precepts of 1Corinthians 13. In it, it says “love does not envy”. Good luck. Men tend to just get what they want. You have something? They will get it too. But they don’t envy. They just go out and get their own truck or whatever it is that guys hunt for. They don’t seem to want to particularly want to make the other guy suffer, except to say, HA! Suck on that. And then, it’s over.

I don’t blame us women for our penchant for competition. After all, we women are just creatures with certain, predictable traits that go across the feminine side of human nature. (stereotype duly noted, and exploited). I kind of wonder why women even have other female friends except to go to the washroom together with. I certainly wonder why I have female friends. What do they see in me that makes them want to befriend me? What do they want from me? They will obviously try to compete with me at some point of our friendship. It’s happened over and over with me. Hence, I have few female friends, and the ones I have, I keep at a distance. I can’t trust them to have my well-being and interest as worthy of their concern since in the end they want to be better than me.

That is the problem with Alpha females. No matter how inadequate they are at being a leader, their drive is to assert and be aggressive with their territory and property. The Beta female may know a lot more, she may do a lot more, she may even be smarter; but, she lacks the leadership qualities, the charisma, the aggressor’s assertions. Don’t be fooled. The Alpha female isn’t “better” than the Betas; Alpha females simply have a God-complex.

What’s fun for us Betas is watching two Alpha females have it out with each other. The only problem is that they just bully us more when they are finished, as if to find consolation. I have no sympathy for bullies. ~V

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