Day 4: Barely There in Seeking for the Meaning to Christmas

It’s unfortunate that some male protection non-luxury, and, hence, non-taxable, item had to use the same two-word phrase as the one I’m using in my title. But then, we writers often are part copywriters, and will not shy away from cultural innuendoes. Happy Cyber Monday to everyone not farther than Manitoba, Canada.

The meaning of Christmas to me is to keep writing and stop buying e-books. So I went to visit some gardens today. Unfortunately, it was under construction. Ok. Fine. So, deciding that the buses ran too infrequently, I walked home.

Oh but I did snap some shots of Christmas holly growing on a holly hedge. The owners had everything pared back so that all you saw were a few holly leaves and the branches, and this to remind the passerby tenderly that this is only temporary:

Ah, the kindness of small gestures.

My conclusion so far about Christmas? It’s just another week-long break where people find an excuse to eat, drink, and make merry. I knew this was a mistake. I thought the search would take me somewhere. I thought photo-journaling would take me further. What turned out instead was that, rather than telling a story, I’m hiding one instead. Not to worry, I don’t have the time to bore you. Nor do I have the intention of telling a story. There is nothing so boring as some hack writer telling you there is nothing to tell. So I’ll tell nothing.

Except that 

 1. Christmas sermons are boring

 2. Christmas carols are stupid

 3. Gift-giving is waaaay overrated

But that

 A. Impromptu speeches by some drunk family member can be hilarious

 B. Uncle singing Sinatra’s, “My Way”, improvising admirably on a keyboard, is poignant

 C. When a struggling family member gives you a gift, you just want to hug them and never let go.

And you know what? We are all struggling. Somehow, somewhere, and none of us are untouched by tragedy. We each have a story to tell. But mind you, a sermon is not a story. Get that right and you have in me a listening ear. ~V

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