Day 7: Soulful Candy for Christmas

Christmas decorations are pretty, but is that all they’re meant to be? Is it such a shameful season that we have to cover its defects with bits of tinsel and wrapping? Or are we trying to reflect the glory of some past tradition, something we don’t really understand, can’t be bothered to understand, and don’t want to ever delve deeper into?

Kids as well as young adults growing up the post-modern era have been taking Christmas hermeneutically. Like being given a book and told to judge it by its cover. Yet there is something about the season that eventually moves us. Like the dishevelled-looking bell jingler lost in herself, it seems, as she tries, without trying, to solicit donations. It’s a bit different from Remembrance Day, where they use smartly dressed youths to SELL you poppies. At Christmas, they use local shelter people to BEG for donations. They are using different strategies for different occasions. How interesting.

But yes, then there is the guilt mail. These organizations send out calendars on behalf of the welfare of homeless youths, return stickers for snail mail to support breast cancer research, and soup pouches for support for soup kitchens which never seems to have enough. All well and fine. But they stipulate that if you decide to not give a donation that you ought to return the said items…after you’ve opened it…on your own postage…by snail mail. Right. Very charitable thoughts go through your mind when you realize the mess you’re in. Who knows what curse they’ve put on it in the event that you don’t do as they require.

There is no perfect solution for the discrepancies so blatant during Christmas. The discrepancies are always present – only during Christmas, the decor is opulent and people dress up to be seen and courted. Simple minds want simple pleasures, and shopping at a local goods store for a hunny to cuddle up with is just what most simple minds do. Analysis not needed, but thanks.

I think revisiting a Woody Allen film during the hols, or going to a sci fi thriller starring Jennifer Lawrence on Christmas Day, would only create an existential crisis in me. But it’s either dark matter that makes you think, or soul candy that pacifies an leaves you empty anyway. I always tell tourists to avoid cotton candy because it is only voluminous until you eat it. ~V

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