You Can’t Make Them Understand

People who read my blog often stop following me once they get to a certain article where I make a disclosure about my Dx. For the longest time, I didn’t understand the warnings given to me to keep it to myself because others wouldn’t understand it. And to introduce yourself in print as someone with ________ while disclosing the details, is not a good first impression, or any impression. Now, I get it.

You can’t make them understand, the normies that is. Even some of the other dxs have problems dealing with sz shit. They try, fail, and back off. It’s just reality. If your own pdoc doesn’t reject you, he’s earned his paycheque with good karma. If your own kind doesn’t reject you, consider it empathy.

Obviously, you can’t tell anyone. But there are also those that will feel like you deceived them if you don’t give full disclosure with all the gory details because they didn’t have the chance to turn you away while armed with sufficient info to reject you.

So really, you can’t win. The best you can do is keep to yourself for the rest of your life and not expect sincerity or compassion outside of yourself. It’s not your fault. You didn’t ask for this. You didn’t choose this. But, you know, it’s best to be practical when dealing with life. Ideals, as it turns out, are bunk. And, it appears, idealists that come into this world are a metaphorical blight, conceivably considered as rejects from an alien world that deposited their waste on planet Earth to reduce the number of madmen in their own galaxy. Bah.

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