Credulity Leads To An Early Demise

Even in Canada, our Home and naive land, credulity leads you to an early demise. Take the example of seniors in Vancouver malls being robbed and bereft of thousands simply because they let a stranger hug them.

No report on what was said or how the seniors were approached, due to ongoing investigation, but the police have confirmed that it is a distraction technique used to dupe seniors of thousands of dollars.

Seniors are first spied upon and their ATM bank card PINs noted down as they withdraw/deposit money. Then they’re followed outside where the crime takes place: usually from a friendly conversation to a hug–while an accomplice steals their wallet, removes the bank card, and puts back the wallet into what is usually a walker or unattended purse.

Then the thieves withdraw thousands with the stolen cards and previously noted PINs, and the seniors are none the wiser…until they get home and check their wallets or bank statements.

Increasing credulousness amongst the elderly is an often normal progression of aging. Couple that with the typical isolation and loneliness from which they suffer, where a grocery trip means getting to be around other people, leads to a fresh welcome of unexpected warmth from a stranger that is both as pleasant as it is confusing.

Credulity, even among Canadians, is now “a bad thing”. Before we know it, everybody will have a mental disorder/criminal record/secret fetish barcode and serial number implanted or tattooed on their hands or foreheads so you can “see” who is approaching you. It’s all a natural pro-/regression to past barbaric practices like putting thieves into stocks or branding cattle as property so you know what is what.

But you know, if technology does go that way, I hope seniors will be the first to get those cyber-tag, reading glasses, because God knows they’ve been put through too much, and have paid their dues enough to society over and over, to get duped over and over again.

And no, phone calls from the taxman are not supposed to threaten you for thousands in iTunes cards or else you get punished. We should be expecting a whole new wave or even level of criminality in 2018…unless we are naïve. Right?

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