10 Things To Live For

There’s been much negativity in the press and in the filters through which we see the world at large. So, I decided to give my simple bits of good news to you…

1. Pianist Krystian Zimmerman plays the most exquisite Chopin piano concertos. Listen to Zimmerman playing with the Polish Festival Orchestra. Chopin is one consummate Pole, after all.
2. Dogs still are our best friends. When we’re down, they turn from goofball to sentinel and nurse, and back to goofball once you begin to mend.
3. Good people have their faults. Bad people have their good traits. In the end, we don’t know what the next generation will do with all our hard work. Best thing you can do is teach them wisdom to handle the worldly education they get.
4. Roses are in bloom. Smell them freely wherever available.
5. Watch seagulls in summer over water. It is amazing. They ride on the thermals like they were meant to fly. Wait a minute, that’s what we’re meant to do, too–what we’re built for and are best at.
6. Yes, classical opera is listenable. And, even, quite beautiful.
7. Clean and pure water that quenches the thirst reminds us of the joy of being alive.
8. A good yoga session can do wonders.
9. A cold shower on a hot, dusty day. With soap.
10. Firefighters are heroes. They fight, literally, in hellish conditions, and they still rescue not only people, but pets and livestock, as well.

And there it is: a small break from the jibber jabber jibber jabber jibber jabber of speculative news and, even worse, the complete asinine use of…well, you know. It is a bleak world out there. For some in power, it seems like if they can’t have a good life, then neither can we. When you’ve finished the feel-good part of this blog, return to the front line, soldier, and fight the good fight. Vive la Resistance!

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