The Perils of Chick Flicks…and Dick Flicks

Every male I’ve come across has had an active, seething or disdainful manner towards “chick flicks”. It’s something like a cross between resenting the worst influences in society and hating cotton candy. Hatred for cotton candy is something I can understand. But, to call it reprehensible is quite something else. It makes me want to ask them, “How many James Bond movies have you seen in the past week, months, years, a lifetime?” I want to ask them what they think about “dick flicks”.

Granted, I’m biased. I am a chick who wants to watch TV without running into “substance” or “real content”, such as murders, gang-rapes, gratuitous car chases, and darker themes. Or, themes that make you “think” like what’s found in Star Trek. Of course, some chicks are Trekkies. Why are dick flicks more worthy of our attention and approval than chick flicks? Let’s see, is it because dick flicks appeal more to men and that men are more important than women? Is it because it’s laudable if a man has sex but that his female tango partner is just another whore? Can somebody adequately mansplain this to me? Frankly, I think men don’t want to expose their future prey they’re grooming for exploitation to expect respect from men. That about sums it up. If that was too pithy, think longer and harder.

The divide at this point may seem to be trivial, dick flicks vs chick flicks, but not any less offensive to me. Dissing chick flicks, the only relatively wholesome programming left on that dinosaur of an entertainment system called “the television”, is the final straw. It’s not that chick flicks are actually that good. They’re not. But, it’s like judging an intelligent woman as ditzy for liking the Spice Girls just because males take pop music too seriously. It is none of a male’s business to insert his displeasure of it, especially when he’s going home to “Casino Royale”, and turn to boob-gawking and other onanistic activities in the dark of the night.

Do many men disdain chick flicks because the male characters are unrealistic? Probably so. I mean all of these male leads are idealized men. To diss chick flicks is to admit that the one doing the dissing cannot live up to this ideal, and, furthermore wants to ruin your experience of such portrayals. However, women are institutionally idealized. The fact that women from royalty to bank employees to waitresses must dress in skirts hemmed above the knee, and soft porn foot ware (as the Parisians cynically call women’s high heels), to show off their legginess, or lack, thereof, without much of a complaint by society until recently, shows you how entrenched double-standards, chauvinism, and oppression are against one of the genders who have historically, and perhaps, always will be, sadly, less privileged.

It’s an unfortunate world that we live in where the heterosexual woman feels she must live up to a man’s escapist fantasy without abiding by her own. The topic speaks volumes for itself, and has filled portions of non-canonical literature that is worthy of ongoing treatment. But, perhaps, if it be examined by a man, then let it be done so by a man who respects women, rather than by some pseudo-intellectual male with something to prove.

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2 thoughts on “The Perils of Chick Flicks…and Dick Flicks

  1. I’ve been watching the Hallmark Channel all year lol. i love chick flicks. And I was photographing a charity banquet last week and the mc mentioned watching Hallmark movies. Toward Christmas, they are on 24/7! xxb!


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