The Sun Sign I Got Stuck With

From being cast as cult leaders to porn stars, we sun-sign Scorpios never get the benefit of the doubt. If we’re not considered passive-aggressive, then we’re nasty and vindictive…all-in-all, it’s always best to be supicious around the Scorpio.

Our fear when we befriend others is that we’re seen as manipulative. Trust me, if we don’t have friends because of our temperament, we are by default friendless because everybody misunderstands us.

Here’s what I mean. At the age of fourteen, I was plagued by sickening thoughts that compelled me to write poetry, but about deep and sick ideas. One was on abortion. During one class project, I asked my friend if I should show an illustration of a fetus to make my point. It never occurred to me it was sick, showing an unborn baby. She called me out on that one. Loudly. In front of my classmates. I never forgave or forgot that. (But, then, we Scorpios never do.)

Recently I got in touch with a compassionate and scrupulous, gifted astrologer who told me what my pastor could not divine despite his station and his prayers. This astrologer is not only talented, but, also, full of integrity. (His name is Gregory Scott and can be found on YouTube, Facebook, and his website I’ve learned a lot from him so far. A lot. What is a lot? Well, who I am, what I’m about, and, most importantly, how I can overcome my characteristics native to my sun-sign that may be too dark. He talks about the transformative power of the Scorpio, how the Scorpio can turn sulphurous, dark things into brilliant, adamantine light. For once, the sick ideas seem to have a pay-off: I am an emotional alchemist.

It is a bit like being a wizard while the rest of your mates are tinkering with building blocks, and calling you names for not coming down to their level. Well, I’m sorry, I’m not wired that way. One teacher called me a bossy busybody and a downright nuisance to have in her class. She called me that to my parents. In their face. In front of the other students. All that time, I had been told to stand outside, but overhearing everything, and witnessing her cross-armed stance. From my tender, six year-old being, I screamed internally, “I’m better and smarter than all of you put together! You just wait and see! And I also only did what I did out of love!” So true, my dear Scorpio.

Half the battle is won by knowing oneself, as the old cliché goes. The rest requires acknowledgement that the work won’t be easy, but doable. The bonus is that there are amazing gifts associated with this Scorpio sun-sign. Maybe, just maybe, the prognosis isn’t so bad—just solitary and embattled.~V

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