Why Biblical Scholars Don’t Deserve Our Respect

The men of this, or of any age, studying the Judaeo-Christian canon of biblical books are social anthropologists, and not necessarily as divinely inspired as they would have us think.

Think about it: although there is conceivably such a thing as the Living Word that, I believe, is God’s communication with us directly through the Holy Spirit, theologians, however, in their desire to make sense of an A.D.E. world are only judging the book by its cover, literally. It’s called hermeneutics. If the bible is divinely inspired, then we don’t need middlemen. Yet era after era, the tradition persists. Men, predominantly, are favoured to tell us how to interpret the Holy Writ. Sigh. Let me get comfortable in my morning porridge first before I continue.

No single human being, or group of humans, holds the “correct world-view”, despite their emphatic Statements of Faith to justify themselves. Also when it comes to 2000+ years after Christ walked the earth and apostles wrote their epistles, the modern man is only digging around. That’s all. Social anthropology at its finest if we might allow that. What they have, without the Holy Spirit, is a dead stack of papers and their blank stares to try to make sense of today’s world according to two centuries after the words were written. They have no living knowledge of that world 2000 years ago; they weren’t there. They are so removed from the world of the apostles that they have to literally judge on the fragments of ancient text, cultural artifacts, and the many past and current versions of the Holy Bible.

And you know what? In the end, they still can’t agree with each other. The Truth, which is supposed to be absolute, depends on the variations of the culture then and now, and at all points in between. Polygamy was permissible since Genesis. Murderers got punished, then compensated. We THINK Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for being gay and promiscuous, but really it was because they were “arrogant, overfed and unconcerned”, says the Good Book–which potentially describes anyone and everyone from any culture. And yet we have the nerve to look at the Bible within our cultural framework and just say, “polygamy was part of their culture then”. We don’t seem to let much of OUR evolving culture of sexual lifestyles have a say in the interpretation of the Word of God. Hence, when challenged, theologians will get upset and say we’re asking the wrong questions for which there are no answers. Then they shut you out and refuse to pray for you. Wow. Nice cop-out.

The question remains that if theologians, (I mean real ones and not amateurs), cannot answer the most palpable, the most relevant, and the most damning of biblical principles, that is whether sex outside of a unique and single spouse is wrong (adultery and fornication being preached against), how can we trust them with any other more metaphysical questions? If they are representatives of God on earth, and if all our questions can be answered by intense bible self-study, why are basic questions ridiculed? Isn’t that the basis of the abortion fight? The seed of all podium-toppling, infidelity scandals in any church?

Theology is the art of conjecturing what happened yesterday to apply misguidedly for today so we might have, we hope, our tomorrows in heaven, if we adhere. No thanks, as interesting the fanciful arguments may be (for what writer doesn’t like to hear stories being told). Even though we’ve progressed from the number of angels dancing on a pinhead to rights for the unborn, something is terribly out of sync. And you know, theologians and pastors and evangelists are cowards because over the last 75 years, the moral state of the Church regarding sexual sins committed by priests, pastors, male leaders and female accomplices have only gotten worse. In the end, a thought in the heart is as bad as the actual action, after all. ~V

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