Too many Judaeo-Christian scholars and clergy, mostly men, give blind praise to kings David and Solomon. Unlimited wisdom. A man after God’s own heart. Righteous men, right?

Most Jewish and Christian clergy would say so. Of course, they don’t take into account how David married many wives and had many concubines. He was so righteous that he had to lock up his defiled concubines with an eunuch so they’d never have a man again after what Absalom did to them on the palace roof. And he demanded Michal back, even though she was already long unloved by David and married to another man, who loved her deeply. All in the name of godly righteousness. Kudos, Dave.

Solomon had 600 wives and 400 concubines. He was favoured by God. 1000 women? Really? But the Jewish and Christian clergy have no problems with this as they blithely sing their praises to these two men. Really???

Thing is, what do we make of God, then? Is he fair? Is he righteous? Does he care about the welfare of women? Well the prayer of thanksgiving that Jewish men from the ultra-right goes like this, “Y-w-h, thank You for not making me a woman.” That is the first thing they utter every morning as they get up from their marriage bed. Nice going, dudes.

Recently, some bloke told me his boss was harassing his female employers to the point they cry and/or quit. I asked, quite logically, if your boss hates women, why not hire all male staff? He responded casually, “Because girls work harder,” and then qualified it by saying his boss is a good guy and just trying to get by like any other boss in the country. He also said he said some consoling things to the girl, but it was in vain because she was already married. WHAT? Excuse me? He also said that he hated doing the ironing, the only other task he had besides patrolling the premises and napping on the couch.

He would Skype me after taking his meds and before falling asleep. I got the sense I was a past-time for him and deleted him. Our mutual friend then advocated for him, saying he found me good entertainment value and that, geesh, does every guy have to be assessed for his marriageability? I thought that odd, coming from another woman. Then, I realized, she shared his values and also liked the company of men better than women, hence the passionate advocacy. (She swore on the life of her two kids that this guy was harmless). Whatever.

Is God friendly, if he isn’t going to be fair? I had a good look at Genesis the one time I was searching specifically for the curses God put on Adam, Eve, and the snake. The curse was that a woman’s desire will be for her husband and that he shall rule over her. Take that, Eve, for eating the forbidden fruit. Ouch. It’s not whether it is fair or not in contemporary times. It was an ancient, ancestral curse that God justified. So, in the end, it seems God can’t even take it back. He is then justified despite the unfairness of how we as women suffer. It is the way it is.

I don’t blame the ultra-right Jews for their prayer. If I were a man, I’d be praying he same thing.

©️2019 Vic Young All Rights Reserved

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