It still takes money to know things honestly on your part. It takes money to buy the Kindle e-books, buy the iTunes music and pay for MuseScore membership. The merchants on the other side might not be so honest. They might jack up the prices of their e-goods. But, you, in your part, must do your part.

The question remains why knowledge is not free still? E-manifestations, universities, online content, is this a virtual capitalism gone unregulated? I know of no honest merchant, just as I know of no completely honest consumer. However, I have come across many who act with honour when they could. Sporadic acts of humility might be labelled hypocritical, but is it not better than none? I don’t know.


In Abrahamic faiths, true honour involves a total change of heart and consistency in commitment. Giving your morals  part time devotion makes you a compromised believer, backslidden, disobedient, unfaithful. The consequences were severe by our modern standards. Anything could happen to rectify the injustice, from losing a hand to a three-day plague.


Even when there is a propitiation for sins, western democracies have proven to trust in God as it appears on their greenback. Nothing is free where higher knowledge is involved. Why? Because if the principle of pricing out the majority to maintain power in the elite. Sounds too radical? Hahaha. You’d be the last to laugh really if you opened your eyes a bit.


Sadness cloaks the mind, heart and spirit. Knowing that you have the ability, the agility, and the hunger for higher knowledge doesn’t necessarily qualify you for that content. The analogy that in life, success is about whom you know, not what you know. Same if you go back a breadcrumb. It’s about who you are, not what you are.

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